Current Research Projects (More Info to Come)

Data Justice, the Political Economy and Infrastructures of Data & Community Asset Ownership

The Infrastructure of Movements: Educational Strategies and their Impacts on United States Social Movement History

Native Youth Gang Assessment

Public Engagement Research Group

“Lost in Translation” – Risk and Resilience in Social Work

Published or Presented Research

Fink, Alexander J – Curriculum Vitae by Alex Fink

Available at and


Soria, K., Nobbe, J., & Fink, A. (2013). Examining the intersections between undergraduates’ engagement in community service and the development of socially responsible leadership. Journal of Leadership Education, 12(1), 117-139.

Soria, K., Fink, A., Snyder, L., & Lepkowski, C. (Forthcoming, 2013). Undergraduate Student Leadership and Social Change. Journal of College and Character, 14(3), 241-251.

Baizerman, M. L., Fink, A., & VeLure Roholt, R. (2012). From consilium to advice: A review of the evaluation and related literature on advisory structures and processes. In R. VeLure Roholt & M. L. Baizerman (Eds.), Evaluation advisory groups. New Directions for Evaluation, 136, 5-29.

Invited Presentations

Werner, L., Hellstrom, D., & Fink, A. (2013). From What? to Wow!: Exploring Case-in-Point Teaching. Leadership Can Be Taught Symposium 2013, Minneapolis, MN.


VeLure Roholt, R., & Fink, A. (July, 2013). New Frontiers in Global Youth Empowerment Strategies: Effective Training to Support Effective Youth Work. International Consortium for Social Development, Kampala, Uganda.

Fink, A., Frazzini, R., & Speer, J. Training for Mentors Assigned to First-Year Students. Focusing on the First-Year, Office for Orientation and First-Year Programs, University of Minnesota, 2013.

Soria, K., Fink, A., Snyder, L., & Lepkowski, C. Leadership and Social Action in Undergraduate Education. Association for Higher Education, 2012.

Fink, A., Frazzini, R., Speer, J. Creating a Mentor Training Program for Transformational Mentoring in the University of Minnesota Leadership Programs. University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute Annual Conference, 2012.

Fink, A., & Link, A. “Making Things Better”: The Role of Leadership in Evaluation Use. Evaluation in Practice Annual Conference, Pori, Finland, 2012.

Brito, M., & Fink, A. Asking the Right Questions of Occupy Wall Street. The Crisis in American Democracy Conference, Human Rights Institute, Purdue University, 2012.

Fink, A. Where is the youth work(er) in afterschool? Next Generation Youth Work Coalition, National AfterSchool Association Annual Conference, 2012.

Nienow, M.C., & Fink, A. The Everyday Nature of Hope in Micro, Mezzo, and Macro Practice Social Workers. Minnesota Social Services Administrators Annual Conference, 2012.

Fink, A., & Werner, L. Curricular and Programmatic Structures to Support Sustained Community Research and Action in a Large Undergraduate Student Leadership Program. Integrating Research, Education, and Problem-Solving Annual Conference, 2011.

Frazzini, R., & Fink, A. Transformational Mentoring in the University of Minnesota Leadership Programs. University of New Mexico Mentoring Institute Annual Conference, 2011.

Fink, A. Opportunities for Strengthening Democracy through Campus/Community Engagement. Imagining America, 2011.

Fink, A., & Blevins, J. Innovations in Youth Entrepreneurship: A Strengths-Based Approach to Workforce and Community Development. National Association of Social Workers – Minnesota Chapter Annual Conference, 2011.

Ongoing Research

Susan Leigh Star, Geoffrey C. Bowker, Michael White & David Epston, Septima Clark, Myles Horton, Participatory Action Research, Arjun Appadurai, Parker Palmer, Max van Manen, Eve Tuck, Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Jane Jacobs, Hannah Arendt, M.M. Bakhtin, Angie Titchen, Christopher Johns, Alison Powell, Donald Schön, Peter Block, Herbert Dreyfus, Jeffrey M.R. Duncan-Andrade, Shawn Ginwright, Henri Lefebvre, Katie Richards-Schuster, the Black Panther Party, Arlene Geronimus, Narrative Therapy and Practices, Kevin K. Kumashiro


M.M. Bakhtin, bell hooks, Herbert Kohl, Mindful Inquiry, Gilles Deluze, Félix Guattari, Friedrich Nietszche, Norman Denzin, Yvonne Lincoln, Laurent Daloz, Susan Leigh Star, Geoffrey C. Bowker, Sharon Daloz Parks, Doreen Massey, George Kateb, Louis Althusser, Gregory Bateson, Patricia Hill Collins, Jane Addams

Latent Research (Borrowing from Arun Saldanha)

Antoni Gramsci, Stanley Cavell, Jacques Lacan,  Sigmund Freud, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida, Michel de Certeau, Gil Doron, Wilfred Bion, Iris Murdoch, Mary Catherine Bateson

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