The OKCast is a weekly open source blog and podcast with the goal to explore, connect, use and inspire open knowledge projects around the world to develop the public commons, improve organization and government transparency and communication, and advocate for social justice and social activism.

Miner is a script for downloading, unpacking, and converting online and public (and others to be added soon) datafiles to open format

The goal of this app is to develop a bash interface, modeled after homebrew that will allow anyone free and open access to data that is available on the web. The hope is to make it possible to do three things easily:

  1. Search sources of data available online
  2. Make data easy to download and enter into a database (of your choice) into a common format
  3. Liberate public data by making it open data on your computer (you can use it in any format rather than proprietary formats, e.g. the US Census, which uses Access)

Semantic Archives is a collaboratively developed project with Justin Schell and Amy Neeser utilizing a local hip-hop archive (a Twin Cities Hip-Hop Archive to be exact) to develop, coherent, robust and generalizable strategies and technology for organizing and visualizing archival data, making it useful and accessible for broader audiences.

Archived Projects

Teaching Leadership Practice and Preparing Teachers

I’m currently working at the Leadership Minor, trying to figure out how to: (1) learn the practice of leadership with undergraduate students, (2) prepare undergraduate students to do real, meaningful research before creating interventions, and (3) training 40+ adjunct faculty to teach the practice of leadership in new and radical ways.

The Leadership Minor is an undergraduate Minor program at the University of Minnesota.

We (myself and program coordinator Linnette Werner) are currently writing several papers. The first, currently titled Engaging Young Leaders: Bridging the Gap Between Adaptive Case-In-Point Teaching and the Undergraduate Context, explores the methods we are developing to teach leadership to undergraduate students. The second is an extension of a conference paper that outlines our scaffolded process of using Participatory Action Research with undergraduate students to explore and create change on real world issues. It is titled Sustained Community Research and Action in a Large Undergraduate Student Leadership Program. Finally, we are working to continuously grow a training program for teachers of leadership practice and writing a paper to explore that topic further.

We (Linnette Werner, David Hellstrom, and myself) are also working on a first book on this topic.

Teaching Transformational Mentoring Practice

Along with fellow researchers and practitioners Ron Frazzini and John Speer, I am exploring the nuances of the practice of what we are calling “Transformational Mentoring.” The idea of transformational is based on Jack Mezirow’s Transformative Learning theory. It is also based on the developmental work of Robert Kegan and Marcia Baxter Magolda. We are currently developing a website,, as well as working on a training program for developing transformational mentors.

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